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At the beginning of each year, when I pick up with my clients, almost immediately a clear underpinning theme or energy makes itself known that will affect our journey ahead for the year to come.  Some years gone by it has been careers, finances, relationships, separation and divorce, or health and death.

To be honest, I don’t give it too much thought when I start out the year; as it’s just something that has a way of making itself known and shows it’s face!  This year, 2019, is no exception.  This year is all about disruption.

Everywhere I turn, each client I talk with, there is disruption.  Unplanned events or little challenges arising from what we might describe as ‘ out of left field’ coming at us from every which way.  When I say “disruption”, don’t automatically think negatively either. While, yes, there might be some events that you could or would class as negative, there is a lot of positive disruption too.  It will come in many guises and as a result, the need going forward until the end of 2019 is for flexibility.  If you have travel plans all locked and loaded and suddenly bad weather kicks in, or there is a mechanical fault with the plane and your flights are delayed, don’t fret, roll with the disruption and accept that things don’t always go to plan.  If you have your week mapped out, your work schedule all lined up with the boxes ticked, and your Monday rolls around and people are cancelling their appointments, or delayed in traffic, or at home unwell, or your child is sick and can’t go to school or day care, just roll with it.

What is there to learn from this you might ask? It makes us reflect on how well we deal with or accept the disruption and roll with it.  Do you get annoyed and rant and rave and throw your toys? Or do you take a breath and go, okay, this is completely out of my control, I will adapt as best I can and take it on with good grace and a smile and open myself up to becoming more flexible and amenable.  This, I believe, is the lesson.

This is when the real test comes.  The test of faith and trust that your God and your guides always act for your higher good and that nothing but the best outcome will prevail – sometimes we learn the most from what we consider to be the worst of situations.

As a country we have seen the worst of the worst in terms of disruption this year – especially for those living in the Christchurch community and all those associated with these families across the world.  No words can describe the loss, heartache, or the fear.  However, when I look and observe how our community, our people, our country stepped up at that time, it fills my heart with love and gratitude.  Disruption? Yes. Have we risen above the hate? Yes.  Do I feel grateful? Yes.

Whatever it is that comes your way this year in the way of disruption, take time out, step back from it when you are ready and able, and ask yourself – What has this taught me? And in what way can I adapt to make this the best that it can be?


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