Just a matter of time…

I have been contemplating time this week, and why it affects us all in many different ways.  One thing I have come to know, and something I tell my clients, is that there is no right or wrong time, there is only your time.  Life, and the world around us, tends to put us under pressure – the pressure to achieve what we think we “should be” doing or where we “should be” at. We look at what our friends, family and peers are doing with their lives and we compare. You may be looking for a special person to share life with, and it may seem like everyone around you is falling in love, getting married, setting up house, having babies; all of these big life decisions. The trick is to not let yourself get tricked into thinking that’s where you should be at, or feeling like you should be on that train! Remember, you’re on your own path, don’t compare yourself to others and just take one step at a time and one day at a time. Rather than lusting after outcomes, steadily work towards the little goals and then the larger ones, never doubting that you will achieve everything you dream of, but in your own time.

There is a plan for each and every soul, some know their plan from the very beginning of the journey until their time here is done.  Others find their way slowly and steadily.  If we listen to our inner voice, our connection with our higher self and trust what we feel, it will give us the assurance that we need in relation to the timing of the things and what we want to achieve.  Delays are always for a reason, and impatience can cause us to trip and fall – remember the mistake will be repeated until the lesson is learnt.  Rather than forcing an outcome through impatience, listen to your inner voice, your gut feeling, and trust.  If we don’t know the answer or which way to turn, that is our Guides way of telling us the time isn’t quite right yet, there is more to be shown. Events will come to pass that we haven’t even considered or seen yet.

Journey image

Sometimes it may feel like two steps forward and then two or three backwards, but eventually the right time will come and life will unfold before us.  Life can be like the ebb and flow of the tide, we have periods where there is an abundance of all things and everything goes according to the “plan” but then we have times when it feels like there is nothing there and we can’t see when it’s time for things to change.  There is nothing surer than it will change, time will move forward, exactly at the right moment and when it’s meant to!

Our Guides always act for our higher good, if we have asked for their help, set out our dreams and goals and they know where we want to go, they will do everything in their power to get us there at the right time.  Be clear, be still, and wait. Your time will come.    

One thought on “Just a matter of time…

  1. How true that I receive this wonderful message I have been told that the property I am living on is going to be sold I have a minimum of three months hopefully so where to for me?


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