A time to be still

Over the last few weeks, a Praying Mantis has crossed my path or made an appearance in my house a number of times, and then I just happened to see courtesy of social media that other people have experienced the same! The Praying Mantis represents peace, calm, stillness. They signify a time of contemplation, meditation – a time to go within and be still, centre and ground oneself. Exactly what the universe is asking of us right now.

Who would’ve thought that 2020 would bring one of the biggest global challenges to endure in decades?  Nothing in life should be taken for granted, just as nothing in life is an accident in my view.  Many of you will be asking ‘why’? Could you feel this coming, or at least something coming, an energy building all around us? I think if we look within, many would have felt this creeping up on us, but with no idea or sense of how this energy was going to present itself.

Our world, planet earth, the universe has spoken. It said I’m done, I’ve had enough – you’re not listening so I will have to take matters into my own hands, and then it pulled the rug out from under us. Most of us have listened, heard, stood up, and asked what we need to do and here in New Zealand, we’ve done it.  We’ve stopped. No travel by plane or sea and limited by car too. No mindless shopping for non-essentials, no going out for takeaways, for dinners in beautiful restaurants, no cafés, no bars, no sporting events (yikes). So many businesses have had to close doors, everyone that is listening is hunkering down – re-inventing how you work and live and learning to co-exist with partners, family, friends and animals 24/7. Some are learning to be on their own. Suddenly there’s no point in worrying about time and money – we’re all in this. We can choose to see it as an inconvenience, or we can choose to view it as a gift. A blessing.

Use this as a time of retreat and regeneration. There is only one way out and that is through. Submit, surrender and retreat. Use this wonderful opportunity to reflect on your journey, to take stock and to check in with yourself. Use this gift wisely, value the time given, restore your energy levels, centre and ground yourself. Recall the times in the past when you have said “If I had the time I would…” What might that be? Write goals, write a book, write a letter/email to someone you’ve been thinking of but haven’t had time to do.

This is a time of healing for the earth and for each and every soul. It is a time for patience and strength, for being like the Praying Mantis – be still – and for digging deep to find your way as an individual, as a country and community – when we emerge out the other side we can feel refreshed and look forward.

This will pass, it is just a blip in time, but what a significant blip.

Life is death and rebirth, and yes there will be heartache and grief. But to live life is to experience grief, and for each of us we know not when it is our time, but our time is and will be perfect. It’s how we do this journey that makes the difference for each one of us every day. Find your courage and your inner peace.  Walk forward with patience and trust enough embrace the stillness.

In love and light






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