Rosemary has been a practicing clairvoyant, tarot reader and counsellor for over twenty five years, combining her gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

Rosemary has an overall holistic approach in working with clients, helping resolve issues and challenges from the past along with looking into the future to provide confidence. One of Rosemary’s focuses is to open doors for people in regard to their own intuition and to help in their own growth and evolvement, thereby enhancing their trust, inner peace and confidence within themselves and in their future.

“I believe every soul has a knowing about the future and the decisions they face so  I see myself as a facilitator, as well as giving people hope for the future which will leave them feeling empowered. I believe it is vital for people to understand the difference between free choice and destiny and that there is a path already mapped out for each and every one of us, but there are occasions when we have the freedom of choice and it’s about knowing how to make the decision with complete trust without fear.  Every soul has its own journey and my passion is supporting my clients in fulfilling their dreams and becoming their own star.”

Also a qualified counsellor, Rosemary combines her skills with the goal of helping her clients overcome challenges they may face and contributing to personal development.
Adding another string to her bow, Rosemary is also a marriage and civil union celebrant, creating services that fulfill clients’ dreams on their special day.